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"You Can Make Anything By Writing"
- C.S. Lewis

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Michael Yazbeck, Aspiring Writer

Greeting fellow readers! My name is Michael Yazbeck and I am a college graduate from the University of Massachusetts Boston, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a minor in Arabic, and a concentration in Professional Writing and New Media. I previously have worked at Riverside Community Care (a local nonprofit that takes care of the disabled) as a summer intern, specializing in policy writing and editing. My career goal is to become a professional writer, more specifically, in blogging. I gained a passion for writing during my time in school, and decided to ultimately major in English.

During my 4 years at UMass Boston, I decided to enroll in the professional writing concentration under my major, originally wanting to focus specifically on technical writing. The experience and education I had received there were beneficial in building my writing skills, where I was able to apply them to a variety of papers as part of my coursework alongside an internship; both of these led me to take an interest in blogging rather than technical writing. I realized then that blogging was something that felt was more of a fit for me considering that I like to write my own opinion pieces about various subjects. As of 2019, I currently am writing papers as an apprentice remotely for businesses based in the U.S. found on the Acadium networking platform.

The main takeaway from having journeyed through college is that I’ve identified and explored my career path and found my passion in what I want to do professionally. I believe that if you explore your options carefully (career or hobby even) and with interest, you will eventually find your own passion like I did, even at late as attending college. Blogging is what I mainly aim for and is what I will contribute to this website, though I also write reviews (featured on this site) and articles (as a contributor). If you ever want to read anything from me covering a number of topics (creative or technical), feel free to read my blogs and essays. Also, you may contribute to posting your own blogs, articles, and essays with my permission on this site (just send me a message). So feel free to let your creativity cross into my domain, as I welcome you to contribute to the readership of this website.

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